Call me a Baddo
I like to make future plans when I'm not happy
When I was a little boy, I liked to drink Cappy
Sometimes I feel like I'm a Teletubby
My poems are to me the best therapy

I like playing game cus I am the Saw
I am the Master of Projects as you know
You can understand me if you're not a cow
You need fresh air, please open the window

You can give me pain but it makes me a hero
Call me a Baddo, your grade is below zero
At Street Fighter game I always choose subzero
İ listen to my inner voice at Bahariye Cafe Nero

I wanted a million, God gave me Da Baddest
You can call me names, you know I'm Da Smartest
I like my pink apron 'cause I am not a sexist
I am young I am handsome I am fast and da maddest